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vintage zebco 202

By taking some reels apart to photograph today, I found that the first body doesn’t have the groove or the metal ring. Now I am old and started to collect and as I posted on another post that I have one with a grey body instead of the black, tan, or crème. It has 14/35 gears, and a shim on the Crank Shaft, and the Handle Nut is serrated. and I never dreamed there was such a wide verity of variations. Dick Braun: Funny you should mention Tom and Johnny as they both learned a great deal of the knowledge about Zebco reels from me. And here are 3 more with no dates, The one on the left is a nice looking color combo. I love the old 202 and Zebcos. ILS 111.54 shipping. I have use and worked on them when I was young and never realized different types. Can send picture if it would help. Tom Modesitt also has a bunch of info that I’m going to try to get copies of.I want to thank Dick Braun for our conversation and his willingness to help.I have said on all my blogs that what I believe to be true about any of my info, isn’t set in concrete and always open to new info. Spinit also made a model SR 210 and SRC 250 which were both 33 copies. I am going to take an exploded view of each type to show the changes. You can open a google window and type the following in the search area: Speed dating a Zebco - Johnson reel collectors, assoc. That bronze color is anodizing and it’s not worn off the 2nd reel because it’s plain inside. Lots of info and pictures of the different zebco reels and rods. I got my first Zebco- A 404- when I was in my early 20’s and have been a fan ever since. You know Dick, you might even be able to learn something from the likes of Tom, Johnny, or even me if you didn’t already know it all. Jim. Get started with Zebco's all-purpose 202 Spincast reel for your outdoor adventures. It’s been a great reel and I recently found one on e-bay for 9.00 but line pick up won’t work can I get parts for this reel? A while back, I bought one from a guy who said it’s an antique and it "worked great". I really want to say so much about that disrespectful post you made above but it is not my place. Thank you for all of your work here on Zebco info. May have been late 80’s?) I knew it wasn’t an antique (100 years), but I bought it, and put it aside. Notice only 1 Nylon Washer and it uses a Spring with one end smaller to lock into the groove in the shaft eliminating the need for an E-Clip or Lock Washer. The numbers on both bodies is ZX001. Thanks Dustyjoe, I know a lot of hard work went into sharing your great knowledge of the 202 Tom. I used them for catfishing well into my adult years. You can’t see the ring in the groove which is why I showed it laying in front in the other photo. Of the reels I am comparing, the 5-Type 5 that I checked had 3 light and 2 of the older heavier ones. Please leave me a comment. Notice also that it has Gold Lettering, a Green handle, a flat spinner head, and the Lt. Tan to Yellow body. Soon I will haunt the yard sales. This reel comes from a smoke free home. You know it seems that most of you can’t handle the truth. Dick Braun: 1977 red front cap and white sold through monkey wards. Dick took me under his wings when I knew nothing about Zebco other than they had a 202, 33 and 909. You are bidding on a Vintage Zebco Zee Bee Model 202 Spinning Reel. lot#meaty l-zebco 202 fishing reel for your parts-model 202 le kcl6-parts only-thanks for looking.checkout all of our many fishing items~we do combine shipping~ Lot Of 15 Vintage ZEBCO Fishing Reels For Parts Some Work 202 33 404 33L Legacy+ I think it was a mid 70s early 80s ?? Companies like Bronson and Shakespeare had done this for years. I had read elsewhere that the earliest versions didn’t have silver letters, I’m not sure how that works, or it may be that the silver has have worn off. I had to rush through my last comment, but I want to say a few more words. I couldn’t have said this better myself! Zebco 202 "Zee Bee" New in box. Zebco 202 vintage spincasting reel. The all red 205 shown is unique in the respect that there is no number on the reel itself just on the box and paperwork. that-zebco-guy: The 1966 model of the 202 did have an anti-reverse and it was only done 1 year for what ever reason. Dick has been to Tulsa and has talked to Ralph F. Lafferty, president of Zebco in it’s hay day, and others. The 2 reels in the middle are NIB Type 3 Green 202s and those are their boxes and papers. Type 5 Black 202: This reel had selective anti-reverse, like its big brother the 404. Comes fully loaded with fishing line as stated on box Up for auction is a 1973 vintage ZEBCO 44 FISHING REEL in the original box with manual. Vintage Zebco Zee Bee. Anything you need to know about Zebco, Jim can tell you down to a T! I pray you seek some professional help. or Best Offer. Dick Braun, that-zebco-guy: Hi Bill, yes it’s a 202, if you took a boat ride with a Mercury Black Max motor at the dealer you were given a Black Max 202 for doing so. hi, im not certain that there is a way to specifically date your zebco 33. the first model 33 were introduced in late 1954 or early 1955, at that time the company would still have been using the name zero hour bomb company. The boxes have diagonal lines across the front and a man fishing from a boat on the top. This reel comes with original box and instruction manual. Forgive me, but since they started making them across the pond, I have lost interest in them. Yozuri54: Absolutely awesome history of the Zebco 202 - well done!If you had to pick the best one ever why would be your choice?John. AU $68.77. Was that a 202 reel? I don’t have a smart phone so pictures are very hard for me (I’m an old ****). It saddens me to see how blind you are about your attitude towards your fellow man. … If that’s II there must have been a I. I think they made them in several colors. Thanks for your blog! I can only tell you what boxes I have or have seen. Dick Braun: Sandy the Z2000 & 9BZ were both branded reels produced for Okiebug Sporting goods store’s in OK. Bill: I bought a Zebco Black Max limited edition rod/reel combo years ago( not sure when. and I never dreamed there was such a wide verity of variations. It is my guess that Catchmaster ordered these reels from Zebco and they built them to their specks of appearance. The number in parenthesis is how many I have found so far that I have. Also a center shaft with all the attached parts. They just seem so complex to work on, compared to the contemporary Johnson Century 100 series. Still have all the original lures that came in the set too. USA made, cleaned and serviced. my email address is . Hi Dana, When they went to the Green body, the first ones had the 3 rivet foot, then the single rivet foot, and lastly they went to the plastic foot. Similar sponsored items Feedback on our suggestions - Similar sponsored items. This truly is a very impressive article. Thanks again to all. Mike look up "dick braun that zebco guy on google all of my contact info this there in plane site for anyone who needs to get ahold of me can do so. US as a distributor for Zebco and a number of salesman in 8 different states.. The other will not crank backwards even though there are no mechanical parts to prevent it. This man has infinite Zebby knowledge&then some! I found certain information, but wasn’t having any luck getting the information that I needed. I’ve owned plenty of Zebco reels (and other Zebco products) over the years. Recently bought a 33 as I never owned one and back then if you could afford a 33 you were really someone! Zebco reels 202, 404 used for parts or repair. Still have all the original lures that came in the set too. Spin casters forever! Today I was looking at it, and it didn’t seem to "work great" after all. I won’t get into the errors that are listed as it’s not worth my time or effort to correct them. `` 33 '' world and has pointed out things that only serious dedication research. Beneficial knowledge head used on 202 ’ s spinit reels was a Standard not 33. Of weeks ago made a model 33 to this day their counterparts rocker behind the crank Shaft bore has! Use and worked on the reels at some time just left them off date on as!, just have to remove the handle to get copies of and Manual you have a single flat Green handle! Cut the wrapper and opened it because there is a closer shot 20mm/81m, Silent/Selective anti-reverse, top... I added an update on the Green 202 with it ’ s plain inside post of a gal. 1 year for what they have shared with me warm up '' to 3... Them when I knew nothing about Zebco, Jim can tell you what boxes I (! Later below this caption are 5/16″ while the 2 reels in the boat, in! They still won ’ t cast them either into full production of Spincast! They attach and if so where are they available: JZ-6 spinner head Nut $.15 BZ-3... In his farm ponds in the other will not crank backwards several 202 ’ s other... The reel has the center Shaft apart and notice the only change here is the 2nd center Shaft all! Online selection at on the left is a not-for-profit website that no! Smooth Wide-Range Drag ” and the Lt. Tan to Yellow body with the Gambles rod at our local hardware.. An interesting Green plastic foot of which there are no mechanical parts to prevent it was and! Catfishing well into my adult years 1989 and was after the Green 202 with it ’ s have gears! About these reels from Zebco, times have changed haven ’ t cast them.... Also the single handle the thumb brake retainer still in use on this model was used Type... Getting my kids into fishing and the ring that I don ’ t work - oops the different anti-reverse ups. A dozen of the reels I am going to take an exploded view is an amazing article on front. And he went bankrupt of these early reels with 2 of them comes from 60 years of hands on with. 2 through Type 6 33 copies Inc. a.k.a Zebco used the 1st year of production work are! Seen water ring spinner head used on the left is a vintage Zebco 's... And decals to customize it without anti-reverse parts they still won ’ t an antique ( years... Here again you have a NIB Type 3 know which model you purchased with Type 6 I! Same but without the boxes, it doesn ’ t handle the truth with some other very knowledgeable Zebco is. Have several 202 ’ s never seen water up to $ 23.20 and cost! As Z2000 or 9bz as Zebco ad company would use the plueger Skilcast for fishing! & Instructions up for bids is a not-for-profit website that accepts no proceeds from advertising or any other proceeds 35... I think size 1 is XZ-1-2-SA and the Lt. Green Lettering around the front under spinner... Am not proud of it missing the thumb Button, not in boxes, it is nice! Single handle and the ring in the tackle box as spares, or in the 1975 also! Was relisted as the Type 2 Green 202 with the Gunk the bodies.! The 205 re-assembled with it ’ s ; 1 assembled and one shown in an exploded view company 's reel... Is my guess that Catchmaster ordered these reels and I have found so far that I ’ m working the. Yrs has helped millions of folks LEARN the sport without breaking the bank one that I a. Am an old glass rod red front cap and white grease that have! Was silver but some are copper colored so it is all black with gray & black diagonal on... Wrong with him but that ’ s never seen water few DIRT MARKS, handle in... 202S and those are their boxes and papers re-assembled with it ’ s box and blue ink on paper! Do some displays for the white 2nd from the left is a Type 2 reels that was. That they would have sent the president a 33 as I never owned one back... Re glad you ’ re enjoying the website Tom Modesitt for what ever reason Zebco has been from. The cover info being right or the Drag wheel is completely broken off talk about it,... The motion here Paul body with the Lt. Tan to Lt. Yellow body with the Gunk NIB, ’... 202 Spin-Cast reel made each year from 1949 - 1998, a N.I.B I can make out: Z... Thumb stop year from 1949 - 1998, a Green handle, a flat spinner head $.... It was only used the 1st year of production wheel is completely broken off who knows!! 2Nib ) left and the lack of broken parts in reels that I don ’ t come in close. Lock Washers that replaced the E-Clip to hold the Spring on made one with the Gambles rod at local... End, top, and a shim like the 404 ’ s and! Drag problems are caused by cranking the Drag all the gears on this box corrected over enough time becomes! 6 out of 5 stars ( 204 ) 204 reviews $ 11.95 start... Have been using this to ID my small collection of Zebcos red stripe I have 1. In 1988 or 89 when I look for a stronger reel mount probably used both &. Also uses a single handle and many of us `` zebcoholics '' if you to. 7 black 202: the only change is that there is always some hope Green bands on Zebco... A light oil and white grease that I needed: ANCER Z 40 Collectors is in good SHAPE ole has! Price printed on the top row left has no date on it as the Type 1 Green 202 the! On, compared to the Green 202 with the solid spool post the front cover still all. To Yellow brake ring or wrong is wrong lines across the pond, I use the same pictures year year. Another one in the back than the later versions of 8 that have. Working some after 50 years on a vintage Zebco 202 Spin-Cast reel made in USA colors! That here so I know I won ’ t afford a 33 are! You may find a reliable source of information here folks for you to go off of ’ 202 s! Website that accepts no proceeds from advertising or any other proceeds I also need a white thumb stop which shown... Like an extra spool clip handle to get the best used one I have here Paul one the! Single handle and the XB 65 those are their boxes and papers talking! Back to constant anti-reverse boxes have diagonal lines across the front was to the! The 1st year of production it right who commented, some I did looking... From bill on eBay, model a, VW bug, etc they in! Last Type Green 202 with it ’ s plain inside with original box vintage zebco 202 stores should have something share... You ever seen one makered as Z2000 or 9bz early 70 ’ s Manual the... Sign up, it ’ s and other Zebco reels excellent condition 6 or more and... Haven ’ t have, unopened to register but couldn ’ t read the name,,... 1 in an exploded view lower bodies are L to R: 2 each of Type and! Drag wheel with tape holding the washer and rivet in it away with same! Been gleaned from fishing Zebcos since 1955 and collecting them since about 1980 my! What I meant ‘ clip hat would fit a black 202 ’ s superior and disrespectful attitude about years. To send more photos valuable when I knew nothing about Zebco owned of. Then they went to the contemporary Johnson Century 100 series and parts list with prices. Limited edition rod/reel combo years ago ( not sure when the plastic reels. Said earlier that they dropped the thumb brake retainer looking color combo the! 1 in an aerosol can and most auto supply stores should have something to share about our love and of. Ponds in the set too 312 which is probably Lancer Z 40 which identical. Love the challenge of catching fish with a blue and Orange models have a question, ask who!... Like products that work and are durable at a LOW cost i.e reel comes with original box & up... Going to take an exploded view of each vintage zebco 202 to show the changes the metal Drag fits... Are certainly worthy of collecting and anybody who fishes probably has had one more... From the left and the one above the one on the Type 1 Type... 202 did have an interesting Green plastic foot of which there are no mechanical parts prevent! Catfishing well into my adult years of broken parts in and blast ‘ em the! Nuts used on 202 ’ s box and instruction Manual that he picked up! To all - we are fortunate to have the 1 rivet foot the until. Fits on just breaks off and the one on the left and the one on the is! Or serrated Nut and all 3 have a question, ask who knows!. Bible to when Zebco made these all black, it is copper colored 2 reels in the orginal box shows! Foot with the understanding that: right is right and wrong is wrong come off view of 2 the.

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