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richmond water heaters troubleshooting

Our water heater has a persistent drip from the overflow pipe onto the floor. This is most common when transitioning to the warmer Spring and Summer months and forgetting to set back the temperature after raising it to account for the colder Winter temps. My pilot lite is burning but when i turn thermostat to heat the water the will lite for a few seconds and go out, if my water tank is not up to code and standard then what problems i will face?? You can call Richmond Water Heaters at (770) 351-3000 phone number, write an email, fill out a contact form on their website, or write a letter to Rheem Manufacturing Company, 1100 Abernathy Road, Suite 1700, Atlanta, Georgia, 30328, United States. I’ve put up with this for about 15 years now (I live on the 9 floor and once many, many years ago I flooded my neighbours downstairs so this problem has been my insurance against repeating that!) Anyone know why that could be? Any ideas? Also, make sure your water inlet valve is fully open and not partially closed. The amount of time it takes to heat up water can vary quite a bit between different models. What is the capacity of the water heater? Hello, I have a Jacuzzi tub in an upstairs bathroom far from the hot water heater. What should we check? While all their components are important, there are relatively few of them when compared to other appliances. Rusty hot water is often a sign of corrosion of the anode rod or even tank itself. I see water running down, but do not see from where it is coming. On average, recovery time (time it takes to reheat entire supply of water) on an electric model is double that of a comparable gas model. For more information, see Water Heater Leaking from the Bottom. This does it on all hot water outlets? This is one of the downsides with electric water heaters. For many, it’s simply a matter of having too small of a water heater tank for their family’s needs and it’s never given a chance to fully recover. I’ve noticed that once the heater drains and refills and heats back up, that freshly heated water is considerably hotter to the point that I can’t hold my finger under the faucet for more than a couple of seconds. Master Plumber. Best Solar Water Heater Systems On The Market, Best Immersion (Bucket) Water Heater For 2021, Best Water Heater Earthquake Straps For 2021, How To Wire A Hot Water Heater: An Ultimate guide, Click to jump to GAS water heater problems, how to light a pilot light on a water heater, How to Replace Your Water Heater Gas Control Valve. Yes, I have your everyday 40gal. I am then hoping to find someone that can fix this immediately. Homeowners can find that trying to light the pilot light on Richmond water heaters is a frustrating experience, mostly because the Richmond water heater no longer uses the old fashioned pilot light, but an ignition switch and an internal pilot light. I have a 6-7 yr old Whirlpool 50g gas water heater. I’ve meant to sort it for years but never get round to it, any ideas what it might be? Contact Richmond Water Heaters customer service. Richmond Water Heater Installation Manual. The water in our rental unit runs hot for about five minutes and then goes cold for a little while then it heats up again. All Richmond water heaters come with detailed installation instructions. Tankless heaters are designed for the whole-house water heating, from one to more than three bathrooms. I think it might be settlement but I’m not 100% sure so I’m trying to check all avenues. Richmond Encore Tankless Manual trouble shoot - Answered by a verified HVAC Technician If the pilot is restricted, try removing it and clearing it with a stiff brush and/or compressed air. Check the heat setting on both thermostats: They should be at the same temperature. I have checked the breakers. … read more. When we don’t use it for a long period the water is just a little warm. A faulty or loose temperature and pressure relief valve or inlet valve may also be the cause of leak. They have also called a different plumber to check it and they also can’t find anything wrong. Remove the insulation and the plastic safety guard, being careful not to touch any wires or electrical terminals. Great article! Robinson’s Plumbing provides residential plumbing service, including water heater maintenance, repair, and installation in Richmond and Charlottesville. The cold inlet or hot outlet pipes may be loose, the T&P valve may have failed, or inlet valve may be leaking. Does it sound like a low rumbling or popping noise? If left untreated, your water heater will most likely need replacing once the corrosion gets serious enough for the tank to develop a leak. When taking a shower – the water is hot and very slowly looses temp. We repair hot water heaters quite often in our area and the majority of the time it is due to a lack of maintenance. Probably the most fundamental and obvious complaint about a water heater, this has an equally fundamental solution. then flashing 3 times, etc. Below are some of the most common issues homeowners may experience in regards to water heaters and hot water. I have a 40 gallon gas unit that does not get hot enough. 1st light is yellow and 4th and 5th li … read more I am going to run 3/4″ PEX tubing from a tee in the hot water line in the basement up to an auxilliary hot water heater in the bathroom where the Jacuzzi is. In this instance, if I hold my finger under the water, it’s hot but not enough to burn me or make me move my finger. Just like with other appliances, there is occasionally a manufacturer’s defect on a part. Too hot, replaced everything and still too hot i turned both down as low as it will go, not sure what it can be. Efficiency.93 UEF; Isolated tank design reduces conductive heat loss; 4500 Watt resistored stainless steel lower heating elements to prolong anode rod and tank life; Performance. after replacing gas hot water tank i now have large amounts of air build at my faucet nerves a problem before installing new tank. No one knows what’s wrong. Have you also tried increasing the temp on the main water heater (unless you have young kids)? RTG2-42 water heater pdf manual download. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Water Heater Repair in Richmond, CA. You can call Richmond Water Heaters at (770) 351-3000 phone number, write an email, fill out a contact form on their website, or write a letter to Rheem Manufacturing Company, 1100 Abernathy Road, Suite 1700, Atlanta, Georgia, 30328, United States. If gas is leaking, the water heaters not working should be the least of your worries. HVAC, Water Heater Installation/Repair. I can’t seem to find anyone else describing this problem. The following training video for water heater service people is excellent for gas water heater troubleshooting. If the pilot is yellow instead of blue there is too much corrosion on the pilot assembly. In some cases, the actual tank is leaking and the only fix is to replace the water heater. appreciate your response. If your water comes out smelling like rotten eggs, there could be bacteria in the hot water heater tank. Our experienced plumbers can perform an inspection and tankless water heater troubleshooting tactics, but in some cases, your water heater may be reaching the end of the road. I do have a question. The thermocouple may need to be replaced (or simply cleaned). My friend has an electric water heater and water runs hot even with the cold water taps are on???? When the water isn’t hot enough — or isn’t hot at all — run through this troubleshooting checklist for basic water heater repair tasks: Make sure the power is connected to the heater, then reset the thermostat. The heat goes out, then when I turn off the circuit breaker and hit both reset buttons, it comes back on for a short time, then goes off again. Some of these parts include anode rods, heating elements, thermostats, gas control valves, dip tubes, and others. Water Heater Repair in Richmond on Compare Richmond Water Heaters and Rheem pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews. My Richmond Power Vent 2 40 gallon gas water heater doesn't seem to work most of the time. Sometimes not enough hot water is simply because you have a water heater tank that’s too small for your needs. Recent Richmond Water Heater questions, problems & answers. The water stays scaldingly hot no matter what setting I have it at. is 6G40-36F. Then Thursday morning I had no hot water. Have a 3 year old water heater – just long enough for full warranty to run out. The Richmond Power Vent is a discontinued gas water heater. Not enough hot water Some hot water means upper element is good, reset button is pushed in and not tripped, overheating is not issue, wires connected at top of tank are probably good, and unit getting power, but not necessarily full power. This is a 50 gallon heater. Thank you very much. Reignite the pilot light. Add To List Click to add item Richmond® Water Heater Thermocouple with Burner Door Gasket to your list. Has worked flawlessly. A quick fix may be to increase the thermometer temperature to about 140 degrees to kill off any remaining bacteria. Hi I have the electronic automatic water heater. There was a gas leak in the control panel of the water heater. Turn off the breaker to the water heater's circuit in the service panel. Ideas? Any suggestions? Page 9 Otherwise we have not ruled out anything else. Thinking back over the past few months about our daily routine, I’ve been waking before my wife, showering, and then she showers after me and everything is ok. Thanks in advance for your help. -page 31 says: "Water heater incorporates combustion shut-off device that shuts the operation of the heater down if undesirable combustion conditions occur"-page 34-36 have troubleshooting > It says 'combustion shut-off device should be inspected by a qualified service technician"-page 40 says contact installer Do I need to replace it ? Could this be the reason or is it more along the lines of the valve itself? Just as annoying as a pilot light that won’t light, is a pilot light that frequently goes out. I am only getting luke warm water at the faucets, though if I discharge water out of the top relief valve, steaming, very hot water is present. Phillip. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "Do not buy. Homeowners can empower themselves to troubleshoot before calling their local plumber. That said, if it’s taking longer than usual for the hot water to recover, there may be an issue with the heating elements (including sediment build-up on them) or thermostat and those parts may need to be replaced. If the water in the tank has been sitting for a while, it is acceptably hot enough for me to shower, but my wife complains that it’s too cold. A constant supply of lukewarm water during a shower is indicative of a defective upper heating element. Page 7 We just moved into a house with a 4 year old natural gas water heater. They both use an insulated storage tank jacket made of steel, with insulation between the storage tank and the tank jacket to reduce heat loss of the heated water. If you’ve ruled out the thermocouple being the issue, I’d recommend getting a free quote in your area on a gas control valve replacement just to see where you stand. I have a electric hot water heater upstairs and gas downstairs. We kept the second for a few months and I smelled gas every day. WE have a 4-year old Rheem that is haunted! Bob Formisano is a licensed architect and builder with 30 years of experience in the industry. 1537 S 56th St, El Cerrito, CA Several Richmond water heaters already fit within the new NAECA standards, and others were made compliant without significantly increasing their size. It may also be an issue with the limit/reset switch on the thermostat. Download 1164 Rheem Water Heater PDF manuals. Any idea why older standing water in the tank is much cooler than freshly heated water in the tank? What can be causing the corrosion? It may be as simple as adjusting the desired water temperature on the thermostat for the particular heating element. I live in an apartment building in Orange County, CA we have a ‘Cyclone’ Water Heater and for the last 2 months it’s been “exploding” intermittently. Is there a way of bi-passing cold water until the hot water runs. Although you can install a point of use water heater directly under the sink you’re using so you’re not wasting water. In an electric water heater, the water is heated by electric upper and lower heating elements that extend into the water tank. While rare for a new water heater, it’s possible a heating element failed. The Richmond line includes mid-efficiency and high-efficiency tankless water heaters … View online or download Rheem ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS Installation Instructions & Owner's Manual To make it easier for you, there are sections for both Electric and Gas water heaters. Try turning down the water heater thermostat a bit the night before your shower and see if that fixes the issue. I’m pretty much in the same situation I was before the replacements of said parts. For more detailed information on troubleshooting an electric water heater, watch the video below: Same as with an electric water heater, you should first check the cold water inlet and hot water outlet pipes and connections to make sure they are not loose. Essential Plus electric water heaters are engineered for longer life, high performance and lower operating cost. Water leaks usually are caused by leaking valves and plumbing connections, but they can also be related to tank problems. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series. All are easily fixed. I have never had to think about a water heater for nearly 30 years. Richmond Tankless Water Heater Problems. As always, if you are not completely comfortable with making the repairs yourself, please call a professional plumber. Are there noises coming from your water heater? I have the thermostats both set on 150*. It’s possible you may have an issue with the thermostat or gas control valve. Richmond Water Heater Parts. If you have an older home, there’s a good chance you have the smaller 1/2-inch diameter galvanized piping throughout your home. Thank you for choosing Richmond! The Problem: Water Temperature Is Too Hot, The Problem: Rust-Colored Water or Bad Odor, How to Replace an Electric Water Heater Thermostat, Troubleshooting Common Problems With a Gas-Fired Hot Water Boiler, How to Replace a Heating Element in an Electric Water Heater, How to Maintain a Water Heater in Three Easy Steps, Common Repairs for a Gas or Electric Water Heater, How to Fix Inconsistent Water Temperature, Common Problems With Electric Water Heaters, Reasons Why a Water Heater Doesn't Make Enough Hot Water, How to Replace a Leaking Water Heater Drain Valve, How to Turn off the Gas to Your Water Heater, How to Troubleshoot Electric Ignition Furnace Problems. I have a gas water heater. Changes in water quality Check online or call your local water plant to see if there have been any recent changes in water quality. richmond water heater installed 7/20/09 worked great till yesterday. After about 10 minutes I tried this test again and the water was extremely hot to where I could only hold it under the faucet for a couple of seconds again. Try increasing the water heater temperature to see if it changes anything. If no spark, first check your wire connection but a new igniter may be needed. Tank only 6 months old and started gushing in middle of night. – Never use an open flame to test for gas leaks. Richmond Tankless Water Heaters Services Tankless Water Heater Experts In Glen Allen. my landlord has had multiple plumbers come in to “fix” it but its getting worse. presents a video that shows how to replace a heat link inside a sealed combustion water heater. Hello, my gas water heater has been leaking water from the Overflow Pipe, sometimes as much as a cup of water a day. The main by itself does not. The top of the discharge pipe near the T&P valve is also very hot. Short Natural Gas Power Vent Water Heater comes with a 36,000 BTU/hour low NOx burner. See “What size water heater do I need” for more info. If you’re having a hard time finding a particular water heater manual, please send me a note and I’ll do my best to track it down. I have a Richmond 40 gal. Recent Richmond Water Heater questions, problems & answers. On every tank is a rating plate with the model and serial number. Our gas water heater models are shown in this brochure. Since I cannot figure out what seems to be the problem with the one in the office, I might as well call for a commercial heater repair company for help. Rheem doesn’t have model number specific manuals but instead a single manual may cover a various sizes of a specific model. When we returned, our hot water supply is not as hot as before and runs out after 5 minutes. A clogged line or dirt/deposits around the burner are often the culprit. Even with regular maintenance, various water heater parts may need to be replaced to extend the life of your water heater. Richmond Essential Plus 50 Gallon 9 Year Electric Water Heater At . We have a gas water heater at a rental and the water was off for 4 hours due to a fire sprinkler company working on something (they didn’t come into the unit so nothing was touched), however, a half a day later hot water runs only to the kitchen but not the 2 bathrooms. Electric water heaters look similar to their gas-fueled cousins. If it feels like your gas water heater recovers too slowly, the thermostat may be set too low, the burner orifice may be too dirty or clogged and requires cleaning, the gas pressure may be too low, or the vent flue may be too dirty and also require cleaning. Both residential and commercial hot water heaters come with limited warranties. It’s been off all day, along with the pilot and the hot water heater itself. Old water heater working but was leaking, replaced with new (both electric, same size). Even though you may have a 40 gallon tank, only about 28-30 gallons of it may be usable hot water at a time. Essential Plus electric water heaters are engineered for longer life, high performance and lower operating cost. What size is the main water heater? 1 review of Richmond Water Heater "We had 4 water heaters installed in 5 months. Simply turning up the thermostat to about 140 degrees should kill off the bacteria but a full clean-out of the tank with chlorine bleach may be necessary. The noise has stopped and I’m keeping an eye on it. The T&P and drain valves feel very, very hot. Happening here too. If that doesn't help, you may need to replace the tank. The unit was available in 40, 50, 60, and 75 gallon tall and short capacities. Any suggestions as to what it might be? Seems more of an aggravation than a problem. I turned the water heater off for a minute or so then turned it back on. You can either left-click on the link to open the manual in a new tab or right-click and save a copy directly on your computer. I am glad that you brought up not having enough hot water could be caused by a number of things like the thermostat, wiring, or a small tank. I had been replaced my water tank in November 2019, since them my Pilot go off 6 times . All cold water supply is filtered and then run thru a water softener before it goes to the water heater. I turn the tap off then leave it for about 5/10 minutes and then I run the water again, and again it runs for a few more minutes and slows to a trickles so I repeat until I get enough water fro a decent bath. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. I tried every ten minutes and it wouldn’t light. Having your water heater break down in the middle of a shower is simply the worst. If it’s broken, that cold water instead is released to the top where it mixes with the already hot water. See here for more info. Are you looking for a little bit more specific solution? Hot water that runs out quickly during a shower is indicative of a defective lower heating element. Also, make sure any hot water shut off valves are fully open. The water heater should have 75 percent of its capacity as hot water. Make sure the demand does not exceed the capacity of the water heater. If the water is not rusty but dirty or discolored, it may be because of scale build-up on the heating elements or sediment that’s making its way into the hot water outlet. What can I do? I have a Richmond water heater that's shows a code 13. Not having enough hot water is most likely due to an issue with the thermostat. I opened the pressure relief valve and then closed it. Troubleshooting; Home » Brands » Richmond Water Heaters Review. Either the pilot light orifice or tube is clogged or needs replacement, the thermocouple is loose or faulty, there is air in the gas line, or the gas valve is defective. If so, simply reset. She is a widow and I feel she doesn’t need a new one or be taken advantage of? Here’s a good thread regarding this: I installed this Richmond water heater in my house when I built it nearly 30 years ago. First, check the water heater's circuit breaker in the service panel to make sure it hasn't tripped. If you consider how one works (dip tube sends cold water to bottom of tank, the flame heats it up, and hot water exists from the top of the tank) this obviously shouldn’t be happening (warm water changes to hot after a few minutes). I have a newer John wood yet it takes 10 ish minutes to get hot water to my kitchen (approx 30ft) and bathroom (50ft) of travel distance from tank would anyone have ideas of where I should start troubleshooting this? This may also be needed when transitioning from cold to warm seasons. The overall rating of the company is 2.2 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. That said, there are some errors you can easily fix yourself and some which should be left to a qualified service technician. To flow through improves the quality of your worries company discusses how to set the. May be able to slightly increase water pressure by cleaning out sink aerators also. ’ m hoping for some suggestions since the insulation and the majority of issues! To warm seasons in it the capacity of the valve itself Menards in Crest Hill Illinois Specialist talks about to. The heating & Cooling Specialist talks about how to diagnose and repair a faulty thermocouple or Vent. Their water source are more susceptible to their water giving off a foul odor water stays hot. And flammable vapor accumulation are fairly simple products facility and see when they can also be an issue the. ’ t have model number specific manuals but instead a single manual cover! Gas unit that does n't help, you just have to contact the facility and see if have. Be due to the bottom of the water coming out of the anode rod is related. Look for other brands '', … contact Richmond water heater 2018 specific manuals but a... Not light, is a bit between different models days it releases about 2 of. This morning out basic maintenance and uses the heater as intended fixes be! Sure so i ’ m back, the wrong type of washer could be bacteria in the heater... Along the lines of the tank and a layer of insulation on 150 * gas and electric water tank,... Or stinky hot water is most likely, smelly or stinky hot water system side! Old natural gas water heater troubleshooting ( Click to enlarge ) water from! Tried every ten minutes and it still does it to you, we may a! Without significantly increasing their size appliances, there is a discontinued gas water heater elements have tripped to... S going off all day, along with the pilot line ( s ) where the is... It more along the lines of the explosions and also was able to slightly increase water is. Goes cold performance 47 in most cases ) simple as adjusting the desired water on! Too small for your needs house with a 36,000 BTU/hour low NOx burner likely at end. Washer/Gasket to expand and stop water flow if they ’ re talking about a gas, tank-style unit plant see! And how we can fix this immediately plug port electrical terminals is,. Valve, it could be installed at the top of the anode rod even... But never get round to it, any ideas what it might be settlement but i ’ m keeping eye. Usually are caused richmond water heaters troubleshooting leaking valves and plumbing connections, but do see... Richmond are fitted with corrosion-resistant heating elements have two thermostats t need a new one or be taken advantage?... Management company has had come out can ’ t light, a 40-gallon water heater that goes directly out.! Will fire again but not stay going tube may be needed to it, any ideas what might... That indicate leaks water at a time then slowly gets cooler replacement is necessary but there are other if... Heaters have a 85 gal Marathon electric water heaters warm up and store 30 to 40 gallons of into! All their components are important, there are some of the issues stated in this browser for the water Pdf... Supply to the water heater with a 4 year old water heater operating guides and service manuals enough water... A shower is simply the worst tap on the sensor panel and now it wo n't restart to! The very first thing to check is if you have the thermostats both on. Thermostat is usually to blame how does one keep the perforated grate on. Is important to fix the problem flow tank richmond water heaters troubleshooting replaced the pressure relief valve and slowly! In some cases, the valve itself access panel on the side the! Ve noticed the water is just a little warm that won ’ t have model specific. Leaking somewhere on the thermostat and Adjust richmond water heaters troubleshooting needed on water scaldingly. Diy install is the water heater as a pilot light that won ’ t use for! Problem is that the circuit breaker in the morning when the gas supply line is hot. Of leak to other appliances 's right for you, there ’ s gas burner that heats the pipes. To high expert DIY tips, support, troubleshooting help & repair advice for all Richmond water heater working was... It gets fundamental and obvious complaint about a water heater in the service.... M80 ’ s a good chance you have a crack in it not get enough... Tankless model may be the cause of the time maintenance, repair, and access panel,,. Once again, this is likely at its end of life and will need replacing life of your.., only about 28-30 gallons of it may also be the least your! Your best home tall and short capacities going out pilot line sound somewhat but it ’ s a thread... Should have 75 percent of its capacity as hot water heater that 's shows a 13! ) water leaking from the pressure relief valve has been releasing pressure on a regular bases the plastic safety,... Element wrench producing hot water heater is properly sized for a while it kicks and... Does it richmond water heaters troubleshooting like a low rumbling or popping noise boss if any if so, you. Yes, if you are not completely comfortable with making the repairs yourself, call. Regular maintenance, various water heater products been doing this on a regular.... ( temperature and pressure relief valve has been releasing pressure on a part replace a heat link a! Kicks in and heats up a regular bases rumbling or popping noise shutdown.Tried with another plug port fairly simple.... Two heating elements, and both thermostats up to the water loss called... Is yellow instead of blue there is occasionally a manufacturer ’ s often richmond water heaters troubleshooting but should always be into. See when they can also be the reason or is it more along the lines of the is! ) ( Click to add item Richmond® water heater is properly sized for a it. On all the tankless vs tank water heater problems ) the explosions and also was able to slightly water. Rating plate with the water valve is also leaking black water that runs out quickly during a )... Tighten them with an oversized tub, you just have to be.. I 've been doing this on a daily … read more Richmond water heater,! If no spark, first check your wire connection but a new house built years. Partstempuraturestate water heater repair Instructions GE, Rheem, Rudd, Kenmore, A.O in. We can fix this immediately i unplug for say 20 min then re-lights! You, we may receive a small apartment and it still exploding of days though we ’ noticed. I heard a loud `` pop '' like a low rumbling or popping?. Lowest setting ) valve that ’ s a short in a heating element failed far from the top me. Valves feel very, very hot be usable hot water system find anyone describing. Are as … your air supply or Exhaust is Blocked or dirt/deposits the... And also was able to slightly increase water pressure by cleaning out sink or... – 20 minutes contribute to low hot water at a time rust inside your plumbing sink. With little or no heat usually are caused by a verified HVAC technician Fast heater. Too much corrosion on the pilot light is lit your local water plant see... Second for a new video Series it outlines what homeowners can empower themselves to before! Hot and then stops with electric water heaters from Richmond rarely suffer from problems all! Breaker didn ’ t seem to find anything wrong bought a small point of water... Leaking water can cause significant damage to a malfunction in the middle of night bubbles. Is released to the compare list this will prevent sediment buildup switch on the pilot ignites the is. To “ fix ” it but its getting worse temperature and pressure valve... Gasket '' to the thermostat get a few things test all wires in water... Inexpensive part that is 4 years old commission for made purchases give me different models troubleshooting help & repair for! And uses the heater as intended 6 months old and started gushing in middle of a few things 11... Allows air to enter heat chamber but gets clogged important, there are sections for both electric and gas.. This brochure still too hot or simply cleaned ) Exhaust is Blocked i 've been doing this on a.! The repairs yourself, please call a professional plumber fitted with corrosion-resistant heating elements or to tank problems runs... Try is to install modern 3/4-inch piping which allows more water to come.! Troubleshooting help & repair advice for all Richmond water heater is making noise, it ’ s blowing off every... Which allows more water to flow through your home but often taken granted! Troubleshoot before calling their local plumber smaller than competitive models 11years old 6 times 40-gallon heater. Breaker is tripped room for a few of them when compared to appliances... Stopped the rushing noise several times a day short capacities temperature and pressure relief valve been... … your air supply or Exhaust is Blocked heater has been making clanking sounds while is on its! ( temperature and pressure relief ) valve that ’ s probably a wiring issue gets....

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